January 1965 - October 2020

“The new cast of Eugene Onegin, the season opener at the Met, has weighed in. Turns out — hooray! — they’re a troupe of heavyweights, especially as conducted by debuting Alexander Vedernikov, who appears to have Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky deeply embedded in his DNA.”Andre S. Hughes, South Bend Tribune Review

Alexander Vedernikov conducted brilliantly, and the lurid colours and goose-pimple glissandi of the orchestra were exceptionally vivid.Anna Picard, The Independent

… But the lion’s share of the praise goes to the orchestra and conductor Alexander Vedernikov. Exhilarating from beginning to end, his was an interpretation full of controlled ecstasy and exquisitely blended colours.Hannah Nepil, Financial Times

… Vedernikov inspired the musicians to discover their inner savage, propelling the most explosive sections with an elemental thrust. At the same time, in all that heat Vedernikov still balanced and shaped textures and phrases with a manicurist’s precision. The woodwinds’ introduction, wondrously virile, told us that. Through all the rhythmic pandemonium the ensemble sense was terrifyingly exact, making the couple of brass fluffs insignificant, flies on a lion’s back.Geoff Brown, TheTimes.co.uk